Benefits Of Submitting Your Website To A Directory

If you want to attract web traffic and ensure a better ranking for your website in search engine results, you must seriously consider submitting your website to a popular website directory. There is an array of benefits that such submissions have to offer. Following is a brief rundown on it.One Way Links There are several factors that are taken into account to determine the ranking of your website in search engine results. The number of inbound links is one of the most important factors in this regard. The more inbound links your website has, the better search engine ranking it enjoys. The submission of your site to web directories does not require you to put their link on your website. Link exchange though also works, but search engines have recently started to discourage such strategies. The inbound links on the other hand are considered with high regard.Generating SEO Anchor Text Is EasyWhen you submit your site to a web directory, you do not just enter the URL of the website, but also get an opportunity to include a site title and a brief summary of what your website is all about.

If you optimize this description for search engines with suitable keywords, you can easily attract the attention of the search engine spiders. You can enter the anchor text of your choice in these directories. These SEO anchor texts can be very helpful in significantly improving your search engine rankings. It Helps In Getting Targeted TrafficOnline users these days use different methods to find the website of their interest. They not only use the search engines, but also look into directories. They trust a directory to provide them the references to best websites on Internet on a particular subject. The websites on these directories are categorized in different categories and sub-categories so that the users can experience easy navigation. They just have to enter the right categories to find the right websites. This way, you can get a convenient access to your target visitors. It is just that you will have to be a little careful while submitting your website here. Make sure that you choose the right category and sub-category.It Does Not Cost You AnythingThe good thing is that all these benefits do not cost you anything. You do not have to pay any fee to submit your website to a directory. It is absolutely free. Even the process of submission is very easy. You do not have to be a technical expert or a programmer for this purpose. It does not take more than two minutes.

However, it is advisable that you spend some time on preparing the anchor text to be used for the submission. The idea is to make sure that the anchor text is properly optimized with the right set of keywords. Avoid overuse of keywords because neither the search engine spiders nor human readers like stuffing of keywords in a senseless and unattractive way.Overall, if you keep in mind a couple of things and follow the right approach, you can easily put your website on the track of success by submitting it into a good website directory.

Appropriate Principles in Internet Web Site Promotion

Over the years, internet web site promotion has risen to be one of the top components of web marketing. You'll already find a lot of strategies available today, and many online businessmen are now employing one or more of these strategies. But, examining different online sites will reveal that some of them still end up a failure no matter how many marketing techniques are used in the sites why? It's simply because of the way these strategies have been utilized in promoting the sites.When using the different online marketing strategies, there are rules to follow things to do and things to avoid. You may use a whole lot of strategies, but they won't do you any good if you don't use them correctly. It's therefore crucial that you familiarize yourself with the proper use of the marketing techniques. The following tips will help you familiarize yourself.

lf with the things you must do and avoid in internet web site promotion:On Your Articles And ContentRight Way:Make them keyword-rich: include keywords in the title and in the body of the articles to improve your page ranking.Aside from posting articles on your site, you can post articles in web directories as well.Information-packed, relevant, fun, and clear these should be the characteristics of the articles you write. This is important in establishing trust among your readers and potential customers. Always include call to action in your content.Bad:Place just the right number of keywords in your copies not too few and not too many to get the search engines' to tricky techniques in keyword placement (i.e. invisible text) within your site these are now detected by search engines and those who use them are tagged as spam.

Link PlacementThings You Must Do:Submit as many links as you can to as many website directories as possible.Remember this: the right keyword in your links equals more relevant build for free through web and blog comments, forums, and link exchange.What Not To Do:Do not waste your energy posting your links on unrelated and non-relevant forums, websites, and blogs. These pages are the wrong market for you, and you won't find clients here.You must always remember the things you must do and avoid when marketing your site, because other than the different marketing techniques that you use, these will also greatly affect your campaign. These can spell the difference between a successful and a failed promotion campaign.

We Do It All But Are Still Struggling For Customers

This topic is not only the most talked about but a common concern across all clients whom we speak with. The budgets spend by their Marketing teams on all their offline activities does not seem to meet the targets set by them.What we realized was that in most cases the initial interactions were verbal with the customers who showed good amount of interest but after a while things did not seem to be going anywhere.

What we figured out was that immediately after the marketing efforts there was a sudden spurt in traffic on our clients' websites. We analyzed the visitor's behaviors and found that some of the websites which had somewhat higher attention on their website had better conversion rates.What went wrong? All effort was concentrated on the Offsite activities. The promotions also featured the website address. Everyone was exhorted to go to the website for knowing more about the product/services, offers, promotions etc. On the website a precise strategy to satisfy the visitors was missing. Loads of content, clumsy display of offers, no customization for different type of visitors, overall no extension of effort that was put in the offline show of strength. Visitors went to the websites with higher expectation but went away owing to the apparent indifference on the website.This article is published by The Web Strategy Company, the online resource for industry specific strategies and tactics.

We publish articles on a daily basis that focus on using your online presence to address key business challenges including sales effectiveness, business growth and financial results. This website is a knowledge centre produced by AftertheNet, a leading global web strategy consulting company. We have worked with clients across the globe in many industries, bringing them ideas, process and expertise in making their online presence a strong pillar in addressing business challenges.

Website Marketing Strategies: The 4 Proven Tactics Of Website Promotion

There are many ways to promote your website. This is a small part of traffic generation. Traffic generation to your website is more to pay-per-click strategies from pay-per-click search engines like Google Adwords. For website marketing strategies, you should optimize your website to make it easier for search engines like Google and Yahoo! to locate your website and direct your customers to it.

1.Keyword Optimization

Let's say you're a customer who is looking for a sword as a collectible. If you are looking for a samurai sword, which is called a katana, an obvious word that you type into a search engine box to look for that sword, would of course be 'katana'. When the search engine generates results for you, you will notice various websites that sell that sword.

Now instead, picture yourself as a retailer who is promoting your samurai swords in your website. Now in order for your customers to look for you, you have to optimize your website title to have the word 'katana' in it. However, since there are too many websites that have that keyword on their sites, you have to find other keywords that other people use to search for the katana in your website title as well. You can use this free tool called Good Keywords to find out what other keyword or keyword phrases they use that have the word 'katana'in it.

So, when you give a title to your website, it could be - 'Samurai Swords|Katana|Katana Sanyo'.

2.Site Submission

You can submit your website to various website directories. When you type 'Submit website' into a Google search engine box for example, it will list down millions of websites that provide free website submission to established search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN and also other respective search engine websites. It will take you about one to three months to get listed into these search engine directories.

3.Article Marketing

You can write about articles pertaining to the niche that you are in. Let's say your niche is about coffee beans. You can write good articles to teach people about how to select, roast and brew good coffee beans to make their own cup of coffee. As for every article, in your resource box, write a bit about yourself in a third person format and give a link to your website. When readers appreciate your good article and would like to learn more, they will head down to your website.

It would be very effective if you submit articles automatically using article submission directories. With just one article submission, your article can be submitted to over 500 article directories. If you want to try to submit your articles manually to 500 article directories, well… good luck.

Using this website marketing strategy. when you have submitted just one article to 500 article directories, how many chances are there for people to read and visit your site? Thousands! From just one article, Internet marketers, such as myself see tremendous inprovement in the number of links from article directories to our sites. Meaning to say if I were to create more than 10 articles to optimize or promote one website, how many visitors do you think I'll receive for that website? Do the math.

4.Link Building

Exchanging links with other recognized websites that have been online for a very long time can help your website gain recognition from search engines. However, emailing every single webmaster of your niche to create a link to your website is a very daunting task. There are some softwares out there such as SEO Elite that automatically sends out your email to thousands of other webmasters. When some webmasters of high-end sites agree to link to your site, not only can search engines look for you easily, but the visitors of that site can click on your link and head down to your website.

These four website marketing strategies have been proven to work for website promotion. If your website is of good quality content and products, these tactics can help you in your website conversion rate. Website conversion rate is the number of visitors who transform into your customers.

Social Networking Sites like Orkut-A New Chapter in the Internet History

The coming up of Social Networking Sites like Orkut has been a path breaking step in the internet world. Connecting new people spread across different countries in the world, reuniting old friends or creating potential and useful networks, an integral part of such social networking site. These sites are a great online platform to connect, chat, interact and designed to create your own world, making things look easier and simpler. Orkut is a great social networking site in this regard and allows the user to search friends or those with similar interest likes and dislikes thereby creating a network. Orkut was originally launched and operated by Google Inc. Orkut was named after Google's employee Orkut Buyukkokten and founded by him as a part-time or side project of Google in 2004. Social networking site corlif was mainly aimed at catering the global business market and was a strategic step to compete with various other social networking sites like Facebook. Orkut invariably went on to become a social networking site. The various interesting and interactive features in Orkut make it a user-friendly site which has helped increase the number of Orkut users and this figure has only increased with time. Social Networking Sites like Orkut is built-in with unique features like scrapbook, photos, videos, feeds, community, fans, rating system divided into categories like sexy, trusty and cool. Orkut is among of the most popular networking sites with new users joining each day as well as those existing active users. All that one needs to do to become a member of this social networking site is to go through a simple registration process by filling in a form with all the personal, professional and social details. This will help you to create your own homepage or profile page which will guide your friends to find or search you on the web. Another alternative to become a member of such Social Networking Sites like Orkut is by accepting friend requests from existing Orkut users. The only mandatory requisite to log in as a member of this site is to have a Google mail id. On registration and profile creation one can search for friends who have already subscribed to Orkut or send friend requests and wait for that person to approve your friend request. This way the number of friends will only keep increasing. One can also join various relevant communities based on different categories ranging from food, movies, films, movies or those communities which shares the same interest. Social Networking Sites like Orkut is an online public platform for sharing ideas, views, opinions, writing on the wall, posting comments or create album. Orkut has the special feature of knowing the names of visitors who have checked in your profile. One can also set the privacy settings in such a way that only the friends in your friend list can see your scrapbook and restrict those who are not your friends or allow all the Orkut users to check into your personal details, photos and information which can lead to privacy issues and problems. So it is advisable, to avoid divulging all personal details in such networking sites.