Month: June 2019

Getting Settled in Caribbean Country With Dominican Republic Citizenship

The Dominican Republic is an exotic country in the Caribbean, situated to the east of the Caribbean Islands. It shares its border with Haiti. The place has everything that can attract families and retired couples to call home, making it an ideal choice for settlement by acquiring citizenship. The country is an abode to beautiful landscape, calming climate and picturesque terrain. From the highest peak in the Caribbean, Pico Duarte to tempting beaches, you will find a variety of entertainment sources like hiking, horse riding, rafting and other activities.Once you are captivated by its alluring features and beauty of the Dominican Republic and decided to settle over there, you need to seek Dominican Republic citizenship. Residency in the island is more of the present day topic because of the amendments that have been made to the immigration laws.

These new laws are effective from January 2, 2012.Today, there are large numbers of websites offering services to provide a new life to those who want citizenship in the Caribbean island. The most simple, prompt and affordable way out is by procuring a second passport. These are legal documents ensuring a valid proof of identification that can be used to dwell and do business in another country. A second passport means acquiring a dual citizenship, which also provides you with greater benefits.

You can acquire dual citizenship if you can show birth certificate or residency of 5 years or more in that country.If you choose to acquire citizenship by naturalization, you can apply normally after two years of obtaining the permanent residency in the country. However, the greater advantage is that you are not required to be physically present in the country all the time. Additionally, there are other exceptions determined by Dominican authorities that are to be followed. Below are given some of the advantages that you can get by acquiring citizenship-The procedure process seems to be difficult for you but in fact, it is easy. All you have to do is rely on professionals, who are ready to assist you with every step, any provide you right advice or guidance that you will need.