Month: December 2018

We Do It All But Are Still Struggling For Customers

This topic is not only the most talked about but a common concern across all clients whom we speak with. The budgets spend by their Marketing teams on all their offline activities does not seem to meet the targets set by them.What we realized was that in most cases the initial interactions were verbal with the customers who showed good amount of interest but after a while things did not seem to be going anywhere.

What we figured out was that immediately after the marketing efforts there was a sudden spurt in traffic on our clients' websites. We analyzed the visitor's behaviors and found that some of the websites which had somewhat higher attention on their website had better conversion rates.What went wrong? All effort was concentrated on the Offsite activities. The promotions also featured the website address. Everyone was exhorted to go to the website for knowing more about the product/services, offers, promotions etc. On the website a precise strategy to satisfy the visitors was missing. Loads of content, clumsy display of offers, no customization for different type of visitors, overall no extension of effort that was put in the offline show of strength. Visitors went to the websites with higher expectation but went away owing to the apparent indifference on the website.This article is published by The Web Strategy Company, the online resource for industry specific strategies and tactics.

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