Month: October 2018

Social Networking Sites like Orkut-A New Chapter in the Internet History

The coming up of Social Networking Sites like Orkut has been a path breaking step in the internet world. Connecting new people spread across different countries in the world, reuniting old friends or creating potential and useful networks, an integral part of such social networking site. These sites are a great online platform to connect, chat, interact and designed to create your own world, making things look easier and simpler. Orkut is a great social networking site in this regard and allows the user to search friends or those with similar interest likes and dislikes thereby creating a network. Orkut was originally launched and operated by Google Inc. Orkut was named after Google's employee Orkut Buyukkokten and founded by him as a part-time or side project of Google in 2004. Social networking site corlif was mainly aimed at catering the global business market and was a strategic step to compete with various other social networking sites like Facebook. Orkut invariably went on to become a social networking site. The various interesting and interactive features in Orkut make it a user-friendly site which has helped increase the number of Orkut users and this figure has only increased with time. Social Networking Sites like Orkut is built-in with unique features like scrapbook, photos, videos, feeds, community, fans, rating system divided into categories like sexy, trusty and cool. Orkut is among of the most popular networking sites with new users joining each day as well as those existing active users. All that one needs to do to become a member of this social networking site is to go through a simple registration process by filling in a form with all the personal, professional and social details. This will help you to create your own homepage or profile page which will guide your friends to find or search you on the web. Another alternative to become a member of such Social Networking Sites like Orkut is by accepting friend requests from existing Orkut users. The only mandatory requisite to log in as a member of this site is to have a Google mail id. On registration and profile creation one can search for friends who have already subscribed to Orkut or send friend requests and wait for that person to approve your friend request. This way the number of friends will only keep increasing. One can also join various relevant communities based on different categories ranging from food, movies, films, movies or those communities which shares the same interest. Social Networking Sites like Orkut is an online public platform for sharing ideas, views, opinions, writing on the wall, posting comments or create album. Orkut has the special feature of knowing the names of visitors who have checked in your profile. One can also set the privacy settings in such a way that only the friends in your friend list can see your scrapbook and restrict those who are not your friends or allow all the Orkut users to check into your personal details, photos and information which can lead to privacy issues and problems. So it is advisable, to avoid divulging all personal details in such networking sites.